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Vehicular Cyclists weigh in on women

@deisum @ellyblue https://t.co/LGFbmSakxZ pic.twitter.com/hoEuEOdLoN — Sam Ollinger (@ollingers) July 10, 2014 After clicking through to the original forum thread to confirm that John Forester’s comments about gender screencapped here were made in earnest, I have nothing to add. Thanks to the strong-stomached Sam Ollinger, director of San Diego advocacy group BikeSD, for going boldy into [...]

Dinner and Bikes 2014 – The tour begins

It’s that time of year again. We’re on a train, headed all the way east to begin our fourth annual Dinner and Bikes tour. In New York, we’re meeting up with Joshua Ploeg, who makes extravagantly delicious food (that happens to be vegan and gluten free) and Aaron Cynic, friendly roadie and documentarian. This year [...]