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So you want to be a bicycle advocate? These books won’t tell you how to do it, but they’ll help you hone your strategy. For a giant discount, at that.

Here’s what this pack includes:

- Need bulletproof arguments, stats, and ideas to bring up at city council meetings, to your boss, or to your skeptical relatives? Bikenomics provides all these and more.

- Let bicycle planning pioneer Mia Birk be your mentor and motivator with her now-classic autobiography Joyride.

- The first five chapters of Everyday Bicycling will remind you what it felt like before you were totally confident on a bicycle; the final one walks you through the key basics of ride organizing, group formation, media relations, and taking on City Hall.

- Unsung Heroes (TTL3) brings it home that there are many different ways to inspire change.

- And finally, a (surprise!) bike sticker

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