Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save the Economy


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Bikenomics provides a surprising and compelling new perspective on the way we get around and on how we spend our money, as families and as a society. The book starts with a look at the real transportation costs of families and individuals, and moves on to examine the current civic costs of our transportation system. The book tells the stories of people, businesses, organizations, and cities who are investing in two-wheeled transportation. The multifaceted North American bicycle movement is revealed, with its contradictions, challenges, successes, and visions.

Microcosm Publishing, December 2013

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Praise for Bikenomics:

“Elly Blue has written the Common Sense for the bicycling revolution. Like Tom Paine, Blue set out to show how truths we were raised to believe—streets are for cars, bicycling is an intrusion, cars predominate because they make economic good sense—are really assumptions that defy common sense. Bikenomics is fact-based but personal, serious but fun, well researched but readable. It gives cycling advocates the talking points they need to show that the bicycle revolution is just common sense in action.” – Peter Norton, author of Fighting Traffic

“Blue has organized years of observations about the economic benefits of biking into a 194-page book of deeply rational arguments that’s poised to make a splash.” –

“A thorough dissection of assumptions about cycling that has much to say about what streets are and who they’re for.” – J.H. Crawford, author of Carfree Cities

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    Bikenomics is both accessible and well researched. Every bike advocate should read it. The extensive list of references allows further study and the passages on gentrification are thought-provoking.

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