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BikeSexuality: True Tales of Bicycling and Desire (Taking the Lane #7) is a compilation of nonfiction about sex, love, lust, relationships, dating, identity … and bicycles, of course.

What does it mean to date a cyclist (okay, one particular cyclist)? What does it signify when your date asks you to lock your bikes together? Can bicycling revolutionize your love life? Why the connection between bikes and underground porn? How do you organize a bicycle-themed burlesque cabaret? What can make your morning commute the hottest thing ever? How do you take care of *all* your needs on a cross country bike trip? All these topics are covered and then some.

Spotlight on some of the authors here.

Essays by Poppy Cox, Tammy Gomez, Rhienna Guedry, Sarah Mirk, Claire Petersky, Anne-Marije Rook, Lisa S., Retro Spectacle, Philip Thiel, Elle Thoni, and several anonymous contributors. Illustrations by Matt Queen.

Three of the essays in this zine (including two anonymous entries) are included in the Taking the Lane audio zine.

July, 2012. 40 pages.

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