#8: Childhood


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childhood zine taking the lanechildhood zine taking the lane

Childhood, the eighth issue of the feminist, bike-geared series (Taking the Lane), is a collection of stories about bicycling intersecting with childhood. Illustrated by Britt Appleton, fonts by Ian Lynam, and edited and designed by Elly Blue, this pocket sized book covers topics from the nostalgia of the banana seat to the bold exclamations of a young girl on a bike (“Nice ‘brella! Nice moustache!”).

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November, 2012. 42 pages, published by Taking the Lane.

Essays by Enid Kassner, Lauren Hage, Adonia Lugo, Megan Odett, Davey Oil, Jessica Roberts, Sarah Noga, Patrick Noga, Kathleen Youell, Katura Reynolds, and Julie Brooks. Illustrations by Britt Appleton.

Lauren Hage’s essay “Flight of the Bumblebee” appears on the Taking the Lane audiozine.

Excerpts from Childhood
One summer day, when we were about nine years old, my next-door neighbor Janet and I went out riding bikes, pedaling as far as our legs would take us. We rode until we were lost. (Enid Kassner)

Revolution. The word elicits an emotional response. Change, unease, fear, excitement – and maybe hope. All conjure up expectations for the future, but the Latin root of revolution means to turn; to turn back. This is my revolution. (Sarah Noga)

I know I will never buy a car, and I don’t know why anybody would. So many teens and children ride bikes…There are so many pedal–powered options, such as bicycles, tricycles, tandems and surreys. There are even pedal-boats and pedal-planes! (Patrick Noga)

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