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Back by popular request, this is a comprehensive subscription to everything produced by Taking the Lane in the calendar year of 2013. A sequel to the “Supersubscription” of years past, signing up for Mailbox Love will ensure a steady flow of really sweet mail. In the end, your $50 plus shipping will amount to somewhere between a nice, reasonable discount and a screaming bargain.

We have some big plans, but it’s still hard to say exactly what the Mailbox Love subscription will net you (or the stoked person to whom you give this as a gift). Here’s what I know for sure:

– You’ll definitely get three and probably four issues of Taking the Lane Quarterly, starting with #9 (if you already have a subscription that goes past #9 we can mix it up so you don’t get duplicates — just ask).

– You will definitely get copies of all the books that come out under the Taking the Lane label in 2013. The goal is to do four of these this year. Maybe six. Maybe three. We’ll see! (For a few more specifics, see this post.)

– Anything else we publish in print in 2013. Blank books are being plotted. More stickers will be printed. There could be some greeting cards, postcards, magnets, pins, you name it! There are a couple of non-bike related projects in the works — if they come to fruition in 2013, you’ll get those too.

Oh, and a necessary disclaimer about what isn’t included: The books and such that we distribute but that are published by someone else; any books I write that are published by someone else (like the Bikenomics book coming out next fall).

Enjoy! Your subscription not only gets you the best mail ever, it helps keep us turning out cooler and cooler books. I can’t wait for the good stuff that’s on the table for 2013, and I suspect you’ll love it too.

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