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This fourth edition of the Taking the Lane series centers around the cultural history of the world’s first, all-women, mini-bike dance team – the Sprockettes. Written by Elly Blue, this pocket sized history takes a look at a faction of the fascinating bike subculture in Portland, Oregon through a third wave feminist lens.

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Summer 2011. 24 pages.

Excerpts from Sexy on the Inside
Some wore fishnets, bloomers, and corset tops. Others sported black jeans cut off not too far above the knee, high top sneakers, and altered t-shirts that nodded more to punk than burlesque.

For all their engagement with pop culture, the Sprockettes are, like many other aspects of the bicycle movement, very much part of the radical social movement informed by anarchism, DIY, punk rock, feminism, and questioning of the status quo of power relationships.

The Sprockettes were formed, says Furst, “in direct response to the sausage fest that is Zoobomb.”
The Sprockettes have boasted a diverse range of body types, proof positive that it’s possible to be strong and healthy – and kicking ass and taking names on the dance floor – at any size.

There isn’t really a place in our society for women to be both sexy and smart, inside and out. Maybe that’s what’s giving me whiplash – I’ve bought into that binary, too. Somewhere around 30 I stopped wearing skirts or makeup and walked around with my pen and my camera and a scowl and sternly recorded every instance of sexism I saw … I’m glad I did it; it opened my eyes to some uncomfortable realities. But I also let it get to me enough that I forget sometimes that there are other modes and reasons for doing whatever you do in the world.

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  1. Anika Ledlow

    (verified owner):

    This fourth issue of Taking the Lane Quarterly is a cultural history of the world’s first, all-women, mini-bike dance team – the Sprockettes. This zine focuses on a faction of Portland’s bike subcultures through the story of the Sprockettes. While this zine is fun and spunky, Elly’s musings and self-questioning when it comes to third wave feminism and what it means to be an empowered woman left me thinking and questioning my own concept of feminism as well. Very well done.

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