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Bikenomics News Roundup

Another week of Bikenomics news! I’ll try to do this every Wednesday—with the greater goals of getting back into the habit of blogging, and continuing to talk about stuff that has come up since I finished writing the book in July. (Side note: The book doesn’t come out til December 1st… but it’s been printed! [...]

Taking the Lane Stickers

Bike stickers are here!

Back in March, while we were on tour, I entertained myself by making lists and lists of slogans to put on stickers. Several months later I sat down at the computer to choose the best ones, fancy them up, and shoehorn as many as possible onto one sheet of vinyl, to be printed by Diesel [...]

Bike news for your amusement

While I share a lot of links on Twitter — it’s a great way to work out my aggregative feelings — sometimes there’s just a lot of cool, empowering, interesting bike news. This month has been one of those months, so here’s a selection. Some old news, some new news, all high quality infotainment to [...]