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Online and in print!

Elly Blue Publishing goes digital!

Here at EBP HQ, we are big believers in the printed word (check out our post from earlier this week about the economics of publishing for one of the biggest reasons why). At the same time, we’re hardly luddites or purists or anything like that—this business is built on tech, through and through. It may [...]

The Business of Publishing: The economic case for traditional-format offset printing

This post was written by Joe Biel, founder and owner of Portland-based independent press Microcosm Publishing (and not incidentally, the publisher of my books Bikenomics and Everyday Bicycling). A couple of years ago, I posted a short guide to how I fund and sell zines; quite a few people since have said that they used [...]

Zooming into the future, with kids on scoot bikes

Support the Kickstarter project for Zoom! through March 24th Jen and Randy Charrette approached me last fall about a children’s book they’d been developing. The book is a short, full color story for toddlers about pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever witnessed: Balance biking. Balance bikes are tiny bikes for tots without pedals—they propel [...]