Elly’s Writing

Where to find my writing, a more or less comprehensive list:

Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save the Economy (Microcosm, 2013)
Everyday Bicycling: How to Ride a Bike for Transportation (Whatever Your Lifestyle) (Microcosm, 2012)

Zines and parts of zines
“Butt Dial” (short story) in Bikes in Space #2 (Elly Blue Publishing, 2014)
– “Lessons In: Cycling Public Relations” in Velo Vixen #1 (Velo Vixen, 2013)
“Scattering to the Streets” (essay) in Taking the Lane #6 (Elly Blue Publishing, 2012)
Sexy on the Inside, Taking the Lane #4. (Elly Blue Publishing 2011)
“Bikenomics” the zine that came before the book (Elly Blue Publishing 2011)
Sharing the Road with Boys , Taking the Lane #1. (Elly Blue Publishing 2010)
“PDX by Bike: Your Guide to Discovering Portland, Oregon by Bicycle” with Meghan Sinnott

Chapters in books
– “The Occupation Will Be Pedal Powered” in Shift Happens!: Critical Mass at 20, edited by Chris Carlsson, LisaRuth Elliott, and Adriana Camarena (Full Enjoyment Books, 2012)
– “Safety in Numbers” and “Women and the Benefits of Bicycling” in On Bicycles: 50 Ways the New Bike Culture Can Change Your Life, edited by Amy Walker (New World Library, 2011)

What the Hell is Feminist Publishing? Model View Culture, February 3, 2014
Hub and Spoke, The Magazine, June 20, 2013
The Architect and the Bicycle Open Review Quarterly, Winter 2013
– Various articles and posts for Momentum Magazine

Everyday Rider at Bicycling.com (2012-present)
Taking the Lane (2010-present)
Grist (2010-2011)
BikePortland (2006-2011)