Bikes in Space

Bikes in Space is an annual anthology of feminist bicycle science fiction. Read the current call for submissions here. Find the full Bikes in Space catalog at Microcosm.

Bikes in Space Volume 1
Initially intended as a one-off project, Vol 1 was the 10th issue of Taking the Lane zine.
May, 2013.

Bikes in Space Volume 2
Bikes in Space 2 departs from the zine format and is a paperback book with more, longer stories. May, 2014.

Bikes in Space Volume 3 is Pedal Zombies: 13 Feminist Science Fiction Stories came out in Fall, 2015.

Our first Bikes in Space novel, Emily June Street’s The Velocipede Races came out in April, 2016.

Bikes in Space Volume 4 is Biketopia: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories in Extreme Futures and came out in August, 2017.

Bikes in Space #5 is Bikes Not Rockets: Intersectional Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories and comes out in December, 2018.

Bikes in Space #6 is Dragon Bike (January, 2020)

Bikes in Space #7 is Trans-Galactic Bike Ride, edited by Lydia Rogue (January, 2021)

Bikes in Space #8 is C.A.T.S.: Cycling Across Time and Space (February 2022)

Bikes in Space #9 is Bicycles & Broomsticks (January 2023)

Bikes in Space #10 is The Bicyclist’s Guide to the Galaxy (December 2023)

Bikes in Space #11 is Bikes, the Universe, and Everything (May 2024)

Bikes in Space #12 is This Is Your Bike on Plants (November 2024)

Bikes in Space #13 has the theme Queer Halloween, edited by Summer Jewel Keown (out in 2025)

Bikes in Space #13 has the theme of Disability, edited by Jennifer Lee Rossman (out in 2026)


Looking to submit a story or art for future volumes of Bikes in Space? Find our most recent call for submissions here.

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