Some of your most frequent questions, answered. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, feel free to email me: elly at taking the lane dot com

Why are your product links taking me to another website?
Thanks for asking! On Jan 1 2015, Elly Blue Publishing became an imprint of Microcosm. (Read all about it!) The books will stay the same, but all sales will now go through Microcosm’s website (and the retailers, distributors, and wholesalers we work with).

I want to contribute to Bikes in Space or the Journal of Bicycle Feminism, or send you a book manuscript
Awesome. Thank you. For Bikes in Space, you can find the current call for submissions status here. For Taking the Lane, find the status here. If you have a book to pitch, please follow the submissions instructions at Microcosm. If you have a zine or book you’d like to submit for distribution, here’s the deal.

How do I place a wholesale order?
Your first stop for bulk orders for your store or org is Microcosm! Their wholesale process is simple, user-friendly, and clearly explained.

Will you donate books as a prize for my bike race / fundraising event?
Probably. If your event or organization actively supports equity in bicycling, then send me an email and I’ll see what I can do.

Something on your website or shop is broken, misspelled, or weirdly formatted.
Oops. Drop me an email and let me know. I always appreciate it!

How can I support your work?
Thanks for asking! I can only do this work because people like you read, share, and enjoy what I produce. You can pick up some books and zines, fund my new projects on Kickstarter, and tell the world about what you like. Thank you.

How do I contact you?
You can email me at elly at takingthelane dot com or use my contact form.

I’m coming to Portland to ride my bike, what should I do here?
This is by far the most frequent question I’m asked! My friend Meghan and I put out a tip zine, PDX by Bike, about bicycling in Portland (I also sell some other great maps and guide books to Portland). As for where to rent a bike, here’s a list of places. Personally, if I didn’t live here I’d probably spend my entire visit at Powell’s, but if you’re in a more drinking/eating/socializing mood, try heading towards NE 28th and Burnside or NE 25th and Alberta and seeing what you find. There are tons of other (and probably cooler) places to go, but that’s all you’re getting out of me for now.

What website/ecommerce software are you using?
My website runs on WordPress, using WooThemes. All good fashion and function you find here is the work of my web developer, Caroline Paquette.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to ask any other burning questions that are on your mind.