Bikenomics zine — new edition

Things got a little hectic in the lead-up to tour this September. I forget exactly how it happened, but I ended up sitting on a comfy couch in Provo, Utah, while our friendly hosts and their 3 year old daughter helped me hand-number and mail out an impromptu, photocopied edition of 160 of the Bikenomics [...]

Let’s talk about labia

A sample page from the zine. Click to read! I’m particularly excited about one of the essays in my forthcoming zine, Our Bodies, Our Bikes. It’s a friendly, approachable, no-nonsense guide to crotch comfort and health for women who ride bikes, co-written with my friend Caroline, a nurse, seamstress, and hardcore mountain biker. (Word to [...]

Our bodies, our bikes — what’s inside

Our Bodies, Our Bikes is at the printer. Copies should be available at the beginning of December. You can pre-order the zine via Kickstarter or directly from me and I might have a few copies available at BikeCraft on December 2nd and 3rd. This will be the fifth volume of Taking the Lane’s printed counterpart [...]