Why I type funny

Before someone uses my computer to look up a bus schedule or check their email, I try to remember to switch it back to normal. But often I don’t catch them until they’ve begun to type and are staring at the gibberish on the screen in baffled frustration. “Your keyboard is broken,” they sometimes say. [...]

Bikes on the base

Photo courtesy of Minnesota Air National Guard Earlier this month, I wrote a short column about the historical use of bicycling in the military. While I was researching it, I chatted with Justin Haugens, who is the only person he knows who commutes by bike to the military base in Charlotte, North Carolina where he [...]


David, Elly, and April. Photo by Theo Elliott Yesterday, this happened after spending six and a half hours riding a hundred kilometers through beautiful back roads. This photo was taken just before we found out we’d made it in three minutes before the cut-off. I was just happy that the cold, wet day of riding [...]