Bikes on my mind

For three years, I compiled a weekly bicycle news roundup at BikePortland (Jonathan is keeping it going, and now I’m the one getting my news that way). Since moving on a month ago, I’ve relaxed my eagle eye on the news: instead of skimming everything quickly, I’m able to take the time to be choosier [...]


Made it home. Tour went overwhelmingly well. The hospitality, interest, and excitement we encountered at every stop were inspiring. We met many inspiring and kind people along the way. I have loads of material to sift through. I wrote about some of the bikey highlights in an interview with myself (classy, huh?) over at Grist. [...]

The fertile plains

My latest column over at Grist is about bicycling in Las Vegas. The literal translation of Las Vegas is “fertile plains.” Looking back in light of the city’s current landscape of asphalt and gravel, the name seems tragically optimistic. But this city, like any other, has been incredibly fertile for those who were lucky, savvy, [...]