Portland bike route mini-reviews

The northbound MLK experience: A lost classic in experimental thrash riding I’ve been reading Our Band Could Be Your Life, a history of the U.S. indie music that I didn’t listen to in the 80s. The author clearly honed his catchy style writing record reviews and I was inspired to attempt a similar treatment for [...]

The rubber terror

That a popular consumer product would have a dirty secret hidden far from end users’ eyes in the Global South is almost to be expected these days. A century ago, the bicycle was high on this list. 1890 was the year that a company called Dunlop Rubber formed primarily for the purpose of producing a [...]

Our bodies, our bikes

The fifth issue of Taking the Lane is in the works, and should be out in mid-December. You can pre-order it here. Writing submissions have been rolling in, ranging from a short, sweet, hilarious paragraph to a touching and fierce personal essay to pointed thoughts that I transcribed during a conversation with a friend too [...]

Time to quit

On Thursday night I quit Facebook. The instant I decided, I put on my hat, made my excuses to the friends I had just met up with, and got on my bike and rode home to click through the process before removing my hat or setting down my bag or saying more to Joe than [...]