Parking and the percents

Free parking and one of its not-so-hidden costs — induced demand. From an Atlantic Cities interview with a city planner who’s trying to help cities wean themselves from free parking, as good as an explanation as I’ve ever seen of the class divide underlying the economics of transportation — and what we can do about [...]

A scary Halloween bike route review

Axl on the ego ramp (Photo by rogeriotomazjr) Here’s a new rock n roll bike route review (Division is a crappy bike route, and I partook while on foot, but sometimes you have to just follow your muse. Want to read the rest? They live here. I’m thinking of giving this feature a proper title: [...]

The battle of the yield

A guy on a bike stopping at a yield sign. (Photo © Elly Blue) My column last week at Grist was about the discourse around bikes at stop signs, and how the way we talk about bikes is different, in this case, than what actually happens on the road. The response has been interesting, and [...]

Going to the bike craft fair

BikeCraft — an annual bicycle-oriented craft fair now in its umpteenth year — is definitely a niche event. But bicycling is a major niche around these parts, and this has almost always been a stupendously good event for vendors, attendees, and organizers alike. I’ve been to all of the BikeCrafts, and even had a hand [...]