Bike touring…do it for the economy

Here’s another post I’m migrating over from my old blog (now retired). Ellee’s bike touring guidebook to Oregon is now much closer to reality than it was when this was posted a month and a half ago. I’ve been inspired by her passion and entrepreneurialism to embark on some more ambitious publishing projects of my [...]

Biking for both of us

I wrote about disability and adaptive bicycling for Grist this week in part because, this last winter, the topic hit home. One day, shortly after the new year, my partner fell suddenly and mysteriously ill. For three months, on most days, he was barely able to get out of bed and walk across the house. [...]

Able to ride

Cyndi Sutter on her cargo trike. My latest column on Grist, up today, is about bicycling with disabilities. As always, when interviewing people for a story, a heartbreaking amount gets cut for the final version. In this case, I particularly wanted to share some of the practical tips people offered for other folks with disabilities [...]

Carmageddon — Bring it on

Dream freeway. In Los Angeles, where apparently they haven’t yet been briefed about the reality of induced demand, they’re spending a billion dollars on widening an eleven mile stretch of freeway across town, the overwhelmingly congested I-405. This weekend they’ll be shutting it down to traffic entirely, and savvy city officials have dubbed the event [...]