On Bicycles

The small but growing collection of thoughtful books about bicycle transportation is about to have one new member — Amy Walker’s forthcoming On Bicycles: 50 Ways the New Bike Culture Can Change Your Life. It’s a volume of 50 essays from various contributors. I wrote two, one on the Safety in Numbers effect, and one [...]

Elements of the grammar wars

A couple years ago I was at odds and ends and decided to start a blog documenting instances of creative grammar. It was intended as a response to those blogs that make fun of people for misusing apostrophes. I didn’t ever find much time for it, but here’s one of the posts, a mini review [...]

Coffee and zines

These are the basic components of what I’m getting ready to mail out to seven of the backers who funded the third issue of Taking the Lane zine via Kickstarter an embarrassing number of months ago. Way back when I was planning the project, I asked Charlie Wicker of Trailhead Coffee Roasters if he wanted [...]