PDX by Bike flight check

The process of starting a business must never be entirely straightforward, but Meghan Sinnott and I are taking a particularly circuitous route to launching PDX by Bike, a resource for helping visitors to Portland discover the city by bicycle. Our partially web-based business, even after months of preparation, doesn’t yet have a website. But the [...]

Car-freedom, purity, and guilt

A year ago I decided to start a blog called “Going Carfree” about just that. It never got off the ground but I thought a lot about it and wrote some test content. This essay is the one piece I didn’t want to let go. Rereading it now, it makes me think of the spreading [...]

What would get you on a bike more often?

That’s one of the questions the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals asked women last year. Everyday riders, racers, and non-bicyclists alike were asked open ended questions; answers were categorized and tabulated. They’ve compiled, categorized, and released answers to three of the survey questions, which you can download from the front page of their site. [...]