Archive | October, 2011

Going to the bike craft fair

BikeCraft — an annual bicycle-oriented craft fair now in its umpteenth year — is definitely a niche event. But bicycling is a major niche around these parts, and this has almost always been a stupendously good event for vendors, attendees, and organizers alike. I’ve been to all of the BikeCrafts, and even had a hand [...]

Portland bike route mini-reviews

The northbound MLK experience: A lost classic in experimental thrash riding I’ve been reading Our Band Could Be Your Life, a history of the U.S. indie music that I didn’t listen to in the 80s. The author clearly honed his catchy style writing record reviews and I was inspired to attempt a similar treatment for [...]

The rubber terror

That a popular consumer product would have a dirty secret hidden far from end users’ eyes in the Global South is almost to be expected these days. A century ago, the bicycle was high on this list. 1890 was the year that a company called Dunlop Rubber formed primarily for the purpose of producing a [...]

Our bodies, our bikes

The fifth issue of Taking the Lane is in the works, and should be out in mid-December. You can pre-order it here. Writing submissions have been rolling in, ranging from a short, sweet, hilarious paragraph to a touching and fierce personal essay to pointed thoughts that I transcribed during a conversation with a friend too [...]