More Portland bike route mini-reviews

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What, more Portland bike route mini-reviews already???

You asked:

And I am easily distracted from other work. Here are two more:

The Cully cycle track

Hang onto this one; it’ll be worth a mint someday. A fully realized work, built with unusually slick production values, the Cully cycle track is the Mission of Burma of bike infrastructure — these carefully sloped, parking-separated Euro-style bike lanes are so far ahead of their time that they continually play to an empty house. For connoisseurs, Cully became an instantly obscure collector’s item; but in what should be its natural market it’s primarily used as a place to keep the trash can. That said, someday when the rest of the ride between Cully and the airport doesn’t make you feel like a stunt double in Metallica’s “Sandman” video, this route will come spectacularly into its own.

The Marine Drive bike path

“I don’t let my kids listen to music with violent or codependent lyrics” — I forget who said this and when, but am reminded all the time how few songs pass that test.

One ultra-mini-review, submitted by Mele via twitter, made me wonder how many bike routes would pass that same test. Who hasn’t been here, really:

Or here:

In the world of bike paths, as in music and romance, this sort of Jekyll/Hyde quality is all too common, if not the norm. But that doesn’t mean it’s universally accepted — or that nobody’s pursuing alternate, more equal visions. So hang in there, Mele. And let me know when you’re ready to head out there with a can of paint.