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Framing the debate.

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Dreaming of Portland

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Portland! I miss you. For the month or two at a time that I’ve spent at home in the past year (probably adding up to about half the year, more or less), I’ve been happy. (So has my cat.) Sure, in these staccato bursts of time, I’ve watched you change. I’ve watched fortress-like condominiums pop […]

Upper class cycling culture and the demi...

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What happened to Portland’s bike scene? Maybe first it would help to envision what it used to be. There was this booming, diverse, vibrant DIY bike activist and bike fun scene that transformed this city, from Critical Mass to Shift to any number of wild initiatives popping up. Any night of the week, there was […]

The Vulva Bike: A true tale of shock, gl...

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When I first saw the ShockTwat on its inaugural journey, I marveled at it for two minutes straight and then snapped a photo with my phone at the last moment before it rolled away. When the time came to launch the Kickstarter campaign for Our Bodies, Our Bikes, I looked through my photos for a […]

Vehicular Cyclists weigh in on women

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@deisum @ellyblue — Sam Ollinger (@ollingers) July 10, 2014 After clicking through to the original forum thread to confirm that John Forester’s comments about gender screencapped here were made in earnest, I have nothing to add. Thanks to the strong-stomached Sam Ollinger, director of San Diego advocacy group BikeSD, for going boldy into […]

My cost of bicycling (what's yours?)

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A while back I wrote a fact-check of the $308 figure that gets bandied about as the annual cost of bicycling in the US. As I discovered, the number is entirely false; it’s based on an old data entry error that quietly persisted until it became taken for granted as a fact. I found (as […]

Biking like a woman

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A couple months ago, a man explained to me that he believes in the fashionable biking movement because it allows women to still feel feminine while they ride a bike, thus demolishing one barrier to getting around on two wheels. I’ve heard this from women as well in the past and thought “well, to each […]

What does sci fi tell us about feminism?

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When I ran the Kickstarter project for the original Bikes in Space zine, it included some funny rewards. One of them allowed the backer to recommend a science fiction book or movie, and I would write a gender analysis. Three people took me up on this. I read two books and watched one movie and […]

Aftermass is coming! To Portland and the...

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Five years and a few weeks ago, some guys came by my office to see if they could interview me for a documentary the next day. I said sure. Then I didn’t show up. Fortunately, they were persistent and came by again the next day, and I sat in front of their camera for an […]

Why teens often have trouble driving saf...

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During the frenzied final days of writing Bikenomics, I decided I needed to add in some extra facts about teenagers in the chapter on safety. I performed—mea culpa!—a hasty google search and incorporated what I found in (this is the really embarrassing part) an article in Auto Observer into the text. It turned out to […]

Why we need a women's movement in bicycl...

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In the wake of the 3rd annual National Women’s Bicycling Forum in DC last week, there’s been some buzz online—does it make sense to have a separate women’s event? Does it help or does it segregate? Is the women’s forum the reason that the ensuing National Bike Summit was largely populated and led by white […]

The publishing revolution will be femini...

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It was Bec, a fellow feminist bicycle revolutionary who I met last March in DC (and who later wrote the first essay in the new Religion issue of Taking the Lane), who insisted that I sign up for the Tech Ladymafia, a listserve of women in tech. But I’m not in tech, I protested. She […]

Traffic is a gas

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View Bikenomics: Traffic is a Gas from Microcosm Publishing on Vimeo. This new Bikenomics animation explaining the concept of induced demand was produced by my publisher. I wrote the script, inspired by a 1997 letter to the LA Times from Peter Jacobsen (of Safety in Numbers fame), which I found when chasing references in a […]

Call for Submissions: Bicycling and repr...

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Ever since the original Our Bodies, Our Bikes zine came out, I knew that any future edition would need to talk about reproductive rights. In the past year, the connection has been very much on my mind, as the women’s bicycling movement has taken off in a positive direction at the same time as women’s […]

What's your #bikenomics?

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While researching and writing the multitude of topics that would eventually collide in unexpected ways to become the Bikenomics book, it seemed like I could hardly walk down the street or have a conversation without stumbling upon another example of bikenomics in action. Each of these examples reminds me: Bikenomics is more than a book. […]

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