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Traffic is a gas

Bikenomics: Traffic is a Gas from Microcosm Publishing on Vimeo. This new Bikenomics animation explaining the concept of induced demand was produced by my publisher. I wrote the script, inspired by a 1997 letter to the LA Times from Peter Jacobsen (of Safety in Numbers fame), which I found when chasing references in a Todd [...]

What’s your #bikenomics?

While researching and writing the multitude of topics that would eventually collide in unexpected ways to become the Bikenomics book, it seemed like I could hardly walk down the street or have a conversation without stumbling upon another example of bikenomics in action. Each of these examples reminds me: Bikenomics is more than a book. [...]

Is bicycling a civil rights issue?

Quick answer: Yes. But make sure your actions are actually on the side you want them to be. I’ve been writing for some time about bicycling and gender. Being female is a condition over which I have little control, and as a result of it I’ve had some funny and tough experiences in the course [...]