Happy birthday, Bikenomics

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elly blue bikenomics - insideBikenomics came out a year ago on December 1st. It’s hard to believe it’s been such a short time. The book has sold 7,000 copies, sparked friendships, taken me all over the US and the world, and in at least a few instances has helped to genuinely change a few communities for the better.

Here’s my plan for 2015: There will be new editions of both Bikenomics and Everyday Bicycling, some more touring (the touring never stops, despite all contrary resolutions), new publishing projects in the works, continuing to build and strengthen networks through the Wheelwomen Switchboard, and if all goes as planned, a new book underway. And probably some time to relax in there, too.

Happy holidays, everyone. Thanks for making this year amazing.