Kickstarting the zine engine again

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Want the upcoming Our Bodies, Our Bikes issue of Taking the Lane? Or thinking about picking up a bunch of back issues for yourself or as a gift? Want to renew your subscription? Or nab one of the last copies of the elusive and out of print Volume 1? My current Kickstarter campaign is a good place to make those things happen. Here’s where to go for it. (Or, if you don’t like the Kickstarter format or vice versa, you can get them directly from me.)

Taking the Lane zine is on the verge of paying for itself, and I thought I might not need Kickstarter this time — and then I remembered stamps. And envelopes. And tape. Little things like that make the world go round. Without them I would be sitting in my house surrounded by mountains of zines, or maybe out doing bike delivery runs between Pittsburgh and Topeka. Which sounds like a blast — but there’s a sixth issue to get to work on. So please order some zines in advance and help keep the USPS in business. Thank you!

Postscript: This zine is inspired by the classic women’s health compendium Our Bodies, Ourselves, which just released its 40th anniversary edition. It’s more than worth supporting!