Sharing the road with Bitch

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The first issue of Taking the Lane zine is out of print. If you want to read it but didn’t get one of those 500 copies I underprinted, you’re in luck — you can now read a big old excerpt in the current issue of Bitch Magazine.

My copy just got here and they made it look great. I’m stoked to be included in these pages–Bitch is one of the last best places to get sharp yet levelheaded feminist critiques of popular culture. I’m equally glad they’re taking bicycling seriously and are willing to poke at the intersection between gender and transportation.

This article isn’t available online, so go ye and buy it at the newsstand, or better yet subscribe for the year.

(In other news, my two newest zines have both arrived and I’ll be spending much of the next 24 hours mailing out a lot of them. If you want to join the other folks on my giant spreadsheet, order here!)