The year ahead in zine publishing (and some events)

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Hi everyone! Thanks for checking in with this sadly neglected blog. It’ll be up and running again soon; for now, it’s high time to post a quick update about a few different professional goings-on:

Taking the Lane #6: Lines on the Map went off to print this week! That means it’s important to fully fund it by the time the Kickstarter project ends next week, or I’ll be selling off all my books to pay the printer. If you’re able, please pitch in here.

Whenever I organize something, whether it’s a party or a publication, it tends to turn out a bit chaotic and spontaneous, open to interpretation. I knew this issue would be different, but didn’t know what to expect — and it was delightful to read the proof and discover that it’s the most artistically and dare I say literarily cohesive one yet. This is all thanks to the focus and vision of designer and guest editor Katelyn Hale and to a handful of sharp contributors (including the brains behind the blogs Lovely Bicycle! and Bikeyface).

Even more zines
Volumes 7 and 8 of Taking the Lane are already in the works:

Vol. 7 is called “Bike-Sexuality,” and I’m accepting submissions on that topic through March 1st (and maybe a bit past that if you let me know in advance).

Vol. 8 will be an interview issue, with a nod to the music fanzines whose shoulders I’m standing on. Send requests! Also get in touch if there’s an up and coming bike star you’d love to interview.

Subscriptions for 2012 are $15 for (including US postage). That price will go up after #6 is published in mid-March — paper is my biggest expense, and I plan to make the next two issues longer than usual so as to fit in all the good stuff. So please consider subscribing now, either in my shop or on Kickstarter (the latter is the best deal if you’re outside the US!).

And finally, in an exciting publishing milestone for Taking the Lane Media, I’ll be working with another author and designer to publish his bicycling and economics related work as a zine later this year. More details soon!

I’ll be giving several presentations at the Seattle Bike Expo, March 10-12, including giving a talk on Bikenomics, and participating in a panel of contributors to Amy Walker’s excellent book On Bicycles and a forum on women and bicycling.

On March 12th I’ll be back in Portland, reading from one of my zines at Smallpressapalooza at Powell’s on Burnside. I’ve never done a proper “reading” before — any tips?

In June, Ellee Thalheimer and I will be doing a (bike!) tour for her forthcoming book, Cycling Sojourner: A Guide to the Best Multi-Day Tours in Oregon. Stay tuned for details.

And of course Joe, Joshua, and I are headed out on tour in April and May. Can’t wait!