What’s BikeSexuality all about?

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What the heck is BikeSexuality? Something different for everyone, surely. “Primarily attracted to other people who ride bicycles” is one definition, but like most such summations it’s hardly the final word.

One way to find out is by helping fund my latest publishing project — a zine that covers a staggering (and surprisingly un-smutty) range of human sexual expression as it relates to bicycling.

This is Taking the Lane #7, and like every other issue it started off as a fully formed idea and turned into something awesomely different and better. I figured I would get an inbox full of soft porn thinly disguised as nonfiction; instead I got a flood of well-written submissions that were difficult to choose between. The final cut contains pieces that are silly, serious, and both at once; it has brash voices of experience, joyfully flawed youthful experimentation, and several flavors of hearty lust; it all adds up to something far, far cooler and smarter and more fun to read than I expected — just not as smutty. [Note: After publishing this post, I have been encouraged in no uncertain terms to include some racier content. Your wish, readers, is my command, so I’m gonna work on it. If you are inclined to help make this happen, look me up asap. –Elly]

So — if bikey smut is what you’re after, that’s well covered elsewhere (or uncovered, I guess). For something just as interesting, complicated and undefinable, but with less nudity and moaning, fund this zine!

Update: Here is the link to order a copy of your own!