Stuck on bikes!

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Some new stickers just arrived at Taking the Lane Omnimedia world headquarters. I want to share them here partly to say “look, stickers!” but mostly to tell you about the artists who drew them.

Update: You can now get your Proud BikeSexual stickers right here.


One day a year or so ago I mentioned to my friend Gabby Holden that I was trying to come up with a good logo for my nascent publishing business; a week later she sent me this drawing of a heretofore undiscovered mythical steed, the typewriter bike. It was perfect. Then my computer died and it was months before this picture ended up recovered and in circulation. This is the second print run of these stickers, which can now continue to make their way in the world.

Gabby is a comics artist based in Portland. (Here’s her comics FB fan page for your liking pleasure.) She regularly puts out zines, often multimedia (I just got one of the last copies of her zine/CD combo “You Ruined that Song for Me”), and is a long-time volunteer at one of Portland’s raddest institutions, the Independent Publishing Resource Center, from which she also has earned a certificate in comics publishing.


The proud pedaler gracing this sticker was drawn by my longtime friend Kate Berube, a multitalented illustrator. Kate’s passion and focus is creating children’s books (she’s working on a zine for kids right now!), but she can at times be cajoled into doing other work, including, lucky for me, a series of illustrations of people of all ages on bicycles for TTL #2 (now out-of-print). The image on this sticker is the cover drawing; the text puts a new spin on it. People who place early orders for TTL #7, BikeSexuality (or subscribe), will get a couple of these stickers as a bonus. Now you can publicly declare your pride on down tubes, bike buckets, water bottles, notebooks, parking staples, the backs of stop signs — the sky’s the limit. While they last!

That’s it for now, but I’ve caught a bit of sticker fever lately so… stay tuned.

– BikeSexuality exists; get your own copy right here