Everyday Bicycling

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Update: Everyday Bicycling is out now! You can read more about it here and buy it here.

For years I’ve been looking for a basic guide book to bicycle transportation that I can wholeheartedly recommend to people who want to start riding, but whose lives are more complicated than simply commuting to and from work. Finally, I decided to write it myself. It’s called Everyday Bicycling and it’s coming out in December.

I’m now in the midst of a second-to-last round of heavy revisions. For some reason, writing instructional details (like this piece I wrote last year about dressing for summer weather on your bike) is far more draining and time consuming than any kind of more creative, paragraph-y text, no matter how carefully argued or fine-edited. It’s satisfying, though. And the end product will be that elusive book that I, or you, can finally present to that friend who wants to ride and just hasn’t yet found a starting point.

It’s way early, but I’ve put the book up for pre-order on my website in lieu of an all-consuming Kickstarter campaign. So if you know you’d like to buy a copy or two of the book, and want to help it be even better by taking some of the hustle out of these last couple of months of production, you can order an advance copy.

Money aside, every time someone expresses enthusiasm about this project, it gets a palpable boost. My writing gets better, the facts get truthier, and this cold June weather gets a bit less oppressive. So, thank you! I can’t wait to get this book out of my head and into your hands.