Question Time: Help write my new Bicycling column

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Today my first post for Bicycling Magazine went up, titled “An Invitation to the Party,” in which I remind us all to make biking feel fun and special, like the party everyone wishes they were at, rather than the wholesome and serious duty participation the bike movement or even just a bike ride can at times feel like.

The blog, called Everyday Rider, will be a weekly feature. I have millions of ideas for posts — so many that, honestly, it’s hard to know where to start. This is why I’m asking for your help.

My editor and I have talked about turning this into an occasional advice column, an excellent plan, but one which requires questions. Toward that end, I have set up an email address to which you can send your deepest or simplest everyday bicycling questions, dilemmas, ideas, and complaints: bikeadvice at takingthelane dot com

As an incentive, the asker of the best question I receive at this address between now and end of Saturday will get a free copy of the about-to-come-out Disaster! issue of Taking the Lane (donated by a generous Kickstarter backer). So start stewing on it now. Interpersonal, logistical, political questions are fine. I probably won’t advise you on very specific brands (yawn), but other than that, anything goes.