Now Funding: The Journal of Bicycle Feminism

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tl;dr: The first annual Journal of Bicycle Feminism is up on Kickstarter! Help make it happen, friends.

August 1st was a scorcher, and around 3pm Julie the intern insisted that we cut short our work day and go get ice cream. No convincing arguments against this plan presented themselves, so she hopped onto the back deck of my Xtracycle and we rolled out.

Post-ice cream, she went off to catch her bus, and I staggered home and sat on the couch, head spinning from the sugar, all the overwhelmed exhaustion of the year(s) to date catching up with me at once.

I have to make a change, I thought. Something is going to have to give.

That’s when I decided to finally take Joe’s advice (which, when it comes to the business of publishing, is always golden) and let the zine go. Or rather, let it go so that it can grow up to stand on its own economic feet as a book-format annual journal. As I do with all important decisions, I made it in the spur of the moment and announced it right away.

Now, finally, it’s coming to pass. The name has changed to the straightforward Journal of Bicycle Feminism because, you know, that’s exactly what it is. And it’s up on Kickstarter, getting funded apace. (Thank you, thank you, thank you early backers for your speedy and exuberant validation of this decision.)

Back, enjoy, think about writing something for next year’s, and always listen to your interns. Thank you!