Now Kickstarting: Pedal Zombies! (That’s Bikes in Space 3 if you’re counting.)

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Maybe it’s tomorrow. Maybe it’s in a century. Maybe it’s already happened. But disasters, and aftermaths that pit us against each other, seem to be inevitable in the course of human history. Whatever the zombie apocalypse means to you, there’s a story for you in the third volume of Bikes in Space 3, Pedal Zombies. The best way to get a copy is to drop a few bucks on Kickstarter before August 4th. Thanks, team.

Oh yeah, and remember how one of the rewards for these projects is you choose a book or story and I write a feminist analysis of it? (Last year’s ended up being particularly entertaining.) Well, the first batch of reviews from the Bikes in Space 2 Kickstarter backers is up—I posted it on the Microcosm blog this time around. Read and enjoy!