Fundraising for Marilyn Hayward’s recovery

Update (11/23/12): I removed this promotion when switching to my new shop software. But if you send me a receipt of your donation to Marilyn’s medical bills and your mailing address, I’ll send you one of these as long as I’ve still got copies.

The theme of the third issue of Taking the Lane was “Unsung Heroes.” One of the everyday cycling heroes profiled in its pages is Marilyn Hayward, owner of a small local bike shop, distance recumbent rider, and constant smiling, supportive presence at bike events.

Portland writer Monica Christofili sat down with Marilyn a couple of years ago and drew out her tough, sweet story of unexpected recovery, through cycling, after a devastating diagnosis; the story is in the zine.

Last month, Marilyn was seriously injured in a crash while out on a ride. The prognosis, again, was not promising — she sustained a head injury and was in the ICU. But once again, she seems to be making a full recovery from her injuries, albeit an expensive one — she was only partly insured.

Marilyn’s story is an inspiring one, and I’d like to put the remainder of my stock of this issue to use in helping raise funds for her physical therapy and full recovery.

In exchange for a $20 to $100 donation (you choose the amount on checkout), I will mail you one copy of this zine and deposit the full amount of your donation in Marilyn’s recovery fund paypal account each week (I’ll cover the fees and postage).

There are also options to donate to her recovery fund directly — if you would rather go that route, just email your receipt for a donation over $20 and your mailing address to elly at takingthelane dot com and I’ll ship your zine right away.

The goal of this campaign is to raise at least $1,000 to help Marilyn get better and bring her smiling self back into the community as soon as possible. I’ll keep you appraised of the progress. Note that this is only a small fraction of the costs of her recovery, which will incur at least $40,000 in physical therapy bills.

You can donate directly on this page (below the jump), or at this link.

Thank you! And here’s hoping that Marilyn’s recovery is a speedy one.

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  1. Calvin White September 2, 2012 at 1:17 am #

    I would like to raise more than $1000.00 by buying a 1 speed Rover to tow behind my Rover 8 , operating a tandem taxi service in Esther Short Park or Vancouver Mall. I would like to propose be taking pledges at the Tour de Lab to buy the 1 speed Rover and I could pay off the $700.00 Rover 1 sp and potentially raise !000′s my selling $5.00/ 5 minute rides.
    My Story:
    I am a proud owner of a Terra Trike Rover 8. I bought it in February 2012. I had colon cancer in 2004 and the radiation treatment lead to collateral necrotic damage to my pelvic. I used to ride a BikeE CT 2.0 but after 7 years I was no long capable of riding on 2 wheels. After I bought my Rover 8 I was able to show up at SE Sunday Parkways.pedaling continuous for 15 hours straight and losing 10 pounds in one week. Because of my trike I was able to participate in bike events again even though I cannot walk erect without a cane or walker more than 50 feet..I also participated in the senior trike parade with the other trikes that were donated by Marylin. I celebrated my 65th birthday Friday July 13. I owe her my health to my purchase from Coventry Cycle. I will also be at the Community Vision Harvest Century in October.. I know I may possible not see my 70th birthday ( R.I.P. Connie Connie MacAyeal) but I hope to commit my remaining life to bike safety and safe route funding until my last breath and or flat EEG.

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