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While I share a lot of links on Twitter — it’s a great way to work out my aggregative feelings — sometimes there’s just a lot of cool, empowering, interesting bike news. This month has been one of those months, so here’s a selection. Some old news, some new news, all high quality infotainment to get you through your Monday.

– Do you have a Man Vagina? My friend Ellee Thalheimer (she’s also a bike book publisher) does a kick-ass job not just calling out the sexism of a common bro banter phrase, but modeling how to do so in a way that gives everyone a chance to save face and stay friends even as they’re wising up.

– Remember that time you were new to cycling and still kind of wobbly at it and your boyfriend took you for a bike ride in rush hour pre-bike lane Manhattan traffic and you’ve rarely felt such a delightful rush of terror before or since? I sure do. And I’ve never looked back. If adrenaline isn’t your style, though, check out Lovely Bicycle’s solid practical advice on overcoming fear of cycling.

– Krissie Wells in Cleveland has found that the “Mary Poppins effect” doesn’t work there; street clothes, especially dresses, yield catcalls, while she gets more respect and safe passing distances while riding in Lycra. Go figure.

– If you haven’t already read Little Package’s rant about women’s cycling jerseys (including ruthless evaluations of various brands), do not delay any further! Good comments, too.

– This has nothing to do with bikes, except when it does, but if you’ve never encountered Rebecca Solnit’s definitive essay “Men Explain Things to Me”, now’s as excellent a chance as any. Bonus: a new introduction features a man explaining to her why the essay is all wrong.

– And finally — do you hate major intersections? Wish you could just fly over them? You can … with a Hovenring. Let’s bring these to North America to help retrofit our disastrous road system, stat. Even if we have to crowdfund them.