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While I share a lot of links on Twitter — it’s a great way to work out my aggregative feelings — sometimes there’s just a lot of cool, empowering, interesting bike news. This month has been one of those months, so here’s a selection. Some old news, some new news, all high quality infotainment to get you through your Monday.

- Do you have a Man Vagina? My friend Ellee Thalheimer (she’s also a bike book publisher) does a kick-ass job not just calling out the sexism of a common bro banter phrase, but modeling how to do so in a way that gives everyone a chance to save face and stay friends even as they’re wising up.

- Remember that time you were new to cycling and still kind of wobbly at it and your boyfriend took you for a bike ride in rush hour pre-bike lane Manhattan traffic and you’ve rarely felt such a delightful rush of terror before or since? I sure do. And I’ve never looked back. If adrenaline isn’t your style, though, check out Lovely Bicycle’s solid practical advice on overcoming fear of cycling.

- Krissie Wells in Cleveland has found that the “Mary Poppins effect” doesn’t work there; street clothes, especially dresses, yield catcalls, while she gets more respect and safe passing distances while riding in Lycra. Go figure.

- If you haven’t already read Little Package’s rant about women’s cycling jerseys (including ruthless evaluations of various brands), do not delay any further! Good comments, too.

- This has nothing to do with bikes, except when it does, but if you’ve never encountered Rebecca Solnit’s definitive essay “Men Explain Things to Me”, now’s as excellent a chance as any. Bonus: a new introduction features a man explaining to her why the essay is all wrong.

- And finally — do you hate major intersections? Wish you could just fly over them? You can … with a Hovenring. Let’s bring these to North America to help retrofit our disastrous road system, stat. Even if we have to crowdfund them.

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  1. Megan August 24, 2012 at 11:38 am #

    I concur with Krissie Wells’ experience. Granted, riding with a child on my bike seems to insulate me from a lot of harassment. (Do drivers have more confidence in my skills, figuring I must really know what I’m doing to take my son along? Do they feel like they need to treat my son with more care? Who knows.) But during my single days, I used to get catcalls and verbal harassment same as any other female cyclist. I’d note that the one time this harassment escalated into assault, I’d gone full Cycle Chic and was wearing a skirt and heels.

    As always, insert relevant caveats re: anecdotes, data, etc.

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