Call for submissions: Dogs on bicycles

Painting the Title Wave
Photo courtesy of Multnomah County Library

Dog people, bicycle people, and feminists, unite!

Oh wait, it appears that you already have.

A couple of months ago my friend Sara, pictured above, informed me, “If you really want a bestseller, do an issue of Taking the Lane about dogs.” I may or may not have laughed at this idea. Then I tweeted about it and received a deluge of responses — most positive, but some vehemently negative enough that I realized Sara did in fact have a winning idea.

Then we adopted a dog ourselves and it was all over. I totally get it now. Yup.

So it is with total understanding, sympathy, and enthusiasm (yet some bafflement about what people will actually write about) that I announce that issue #11 of Taking the Lane will have the theme of dogs. As always, all essays must be bicycle-related and from a feminist (or at least non-macho, non-gender-stereotype-perpetuating) perspective. Non-fiction only, 1000 words or less, deadline is April 30th, 2013. Send submissions to elly at taking the lane dot com.

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with for this one! Please get in touch with questions and feel free to spread the word.

[Update: Issue #10, Bikes in Space, is going to print this week and will be out by the end of April.]


  1. Meetings, annoyances, doggie on the bike | Family Ride - April 13, 2013

    [...] But we had even more precious cargo later in the day when we brought Bettie to the vet for a refill of her new heart medication (she’s doing great!). We tried yet another configuration for her with the cargo net holding her little carrier to the front of the FlightDeck. Bettie’s only 11 pounds, by the way. Makes for easy toting. And speaking of dogs on bikes–Elly Blue current Taking the Lane call for submissions is for Dogs on bicycles. [...]

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