Call for submissions: Dogs on bicycles

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Painting the Title Wave
Photo courtesy of Multnomah County Library

Dog people, bicycle people, and feminists, unite!

Oh wait, it appears that you already have.

A couple of months ago my friend Sara, pictured above, informed me, “If you really want a bestseller, do an issue of Taking the Lane about dogs.” I may or may not have laughed at this idea. Then I tweeted about it and received a deluge of responses — most positive, but some vehemently negative enough that I realized Sara did in fact have a winning idea.

Then we adopted a dog ourselves and it was all over. I totally get it now. Yup.

So it is with total understanding, sympathy, and enthusiasm (yet some bafflement about what people will actually write about) that I announce that issue #11 of Taking the Lane will have the theme of dogs. As always, all essays must be bicycle-related and from a feminist (or at least non-macho, non-gender-stereotype-perpetuating) perspective. Non-fiction only, 1000 words or less, deadline is April 30th, 2013. Send submissions to elly at taking the lane dot com.

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with for this one! Please get in touch with questions and feel free to spread the word.

[Update: Issue #10, Bikes in Space, is going to print this week and will be out by the end of April.]