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“Lines Beneath the Map: A Geological Diagram of a Dynamic Experience” is a limited edition double block print made by Katelyn Hale of Curiocity Printing. Here’s the artist’s description: 

The poster is based on the illustration of the cover of Taking the Lane volume 6: Lines on the Map. The poster depicts a randonneur who has just pedaled to a crest of a hill and has paused to take in the vista below. The geological layers beneath her reflect her emotional experience throughout her bicycle ride. Just like the geological layers of the earth, our emotions throughout a bike ride pile up on top of each other, bubble to the surface, and bend and buckle. As pieces of a whole, they create our experience.

The print is a three-layer reductive linoleum block print. This means that first I carved into the block the bits that the are paper tone, then printed the green ink. Next I carved what will remain green and printed the ochre ink. Lastly, I carved out what was to remain ochre, and printed the dark blue. Voila! This technique is also called a ‘suicide print,’ because when you finish printing all of your layers, you will never again be able to print the same image!

I used water-based ink on 100% cotton printmaking paper. They were printed in Flight 64, a member-run printmaking studio in Northeast Portland. 

Each print is 16.5 x 11 inches and is suitable for framing. For a glimpse at part of the printing process, check out this video

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