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Bike news for your amusement

While I share a lot of links on Twitter — it’s a great way to work out my aggregative feelings — sometimes there’s just a lot of cool, empowering, interesting bike news. This month has been one of those months, so here’s a selection. Some old news, some new news, all high quality infotainment to [...]

On Seattle’s Neighborhood Greenways, cute kids can roam free

Future Greenway of Seattle? What brings more smiles than little kids on bicycles? How about a well-connected network of safe, quiet streets so they can ride those bikes freely in their neighborhoods, to parks, and to schools? Seattle’s Neighborhood Greenways initiative aims to provide just that — a network of residential streets, with sane, safe [...]

Can you bike to the airport?

Can you bike to your local airport? In a few hours, Meghan Sinnott and I are leading our second annual bike ride to and from Portland’s international airport (PDX) as part of the Pedalpalooza bike fun festival. Last year’s ride was a blast, featuring a tour of the Port of Portland’s bike-friendly airport facilities, including [...]