Photos of freeways

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Being a (mostly) carfree person in (relatively) freeway-lite inner southeast Portland, my encounters with freeways are limited. Whenever I do spend time on or near them it’s an occasion, like visiting the ocean, and I try to take photos. Here are a few of the freeways I’ve met in the last few years:

On a more newsy note, I recommend taking some time to read this excellent post from Portland Transport discussing the planning of and protests against current and historical major transportation infrastructure projects. The post compares current protests against Portland’s new light rail line, which appear to be primarily driven by funding and ideological concerns, to protests both current and historical against freeway projects (and, the credit of the blog, which leans heavily towards supporting them, a major streetcar project), which are opposed by the communities directly affected. There are some good analytical tools here for anyone engaged in civic activism.