Dinner and Bikes tour: Charming videos and a taste of what’s ahead

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I’ve been continuing to book dates for the Dinner and Bikes tour this spring, and getting increasingly stoked about the places we’ll be visiting.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a few expected highlights. Since then, I’ve kept finding more reasons to be excited about the various cities we’re stopping in.

Kevin Buchanan in Fort Worth, TX says the event there is ready to go and 16 tickets have been sold so far (yes, that’s almost 4 months in advance). Kevin has told me quite a bit about how Fort Worth is embracing active transportation, but this video of the first ciclovia-like “Open Streets” event in their Near Southside neighborhood really made it hit home:

Fort Worth Open Streets – Magnolia Avenue, Near Southside from Kevin Buchanan on Vimeo.

Today I also came across this video from Houston, another of the destinations I’m most excited to visit.

Pedestrian Pete is clearly a fellow member of the People’s Department of Transportation. Give ’em hell, Pete, and see you in April!

Getting to talk to advocates and activists from all over is one of the best parts of tour, and I’ve been glad to be in touch with some good folks in New Orleans, Memphis, Mobile, and Fairhope, Alabama — there’s quite a bit going on for bikes in all these places, and I’m eager to let you all know what we find.

Check out our tour details and schedule — if you live in any of the towns along our route and want to help set up an event, we’d love to hear from you. Charming videos optional!

P.S.: The charming videos are already coming in foreshadowing our 2013 tour — check out this one from Cleveland (it’s far more tasteful than the description in the post makes it sound, don’t worry).