Ways to read Taking the Lane

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This is a very quick note about how to get upcoming Taking the Lane zines (what are these?) as well as some blog business.

I’m testing out a new online storefront. It’s easy to use and I’m happy with the way it looks. Better photography coming up the next sunny, dry day. [Update: The new online storefront looked slick, but didn’t work so well. Fortunately the old one is looking better and better.]

I’ve also put some more love into the text and organization of the shop. The biggest change is new subscription options for the new year. If you’d like to receive the next four issues of Taking the Lane, you can subscribe here (the next issue, #6, comes out in mid-March). If you can’t bear waiting to get some cool mail, you can choose to include the current issue, Our Bodies, Our Bikes, and/or the Bikenomics zine, and/or all the issues currently in print. Whew. Please consider the shop to be in beta and, accordingly, let me know if anything is awkward or amiss.

Finally, I’ve enabled my RSS feed again. If that’s the way you like to read your blogs, here’s the link for you (or if you prefer, you can have posts delivered to your email).

Thank you for reading this and for sticking with TTL as it continues to find its footing. If you have any ideas or requests or would like to contribute, please do get in touch.