A video tour of the bike dance movement

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I’m writing about bike dance teams for one of my upcoming zines. I keep wishing I could include video clips in the zine — it’s a limitation of print, but one of the bonuses of having an accompanying blog.

Here’s a selection that spans the wide and fascinating variety of what’s going on out there in the bike dance world. I recommend watching them all in full screen mode.

First up, an 8 minute short film about the Sprockettes, made by former member Nickey Robare (she’s featured in the zine). This is a good one to watch if you’re wondering “what is a bike dance team?”

Next, a recent Sprockettes performance, joined by attendees of their two day summer camp:

All the way on the other end of the dial in just about every regard is this slick music video featuring the Bay Area Derailleurs:

The B.C.Clettes in Vancouver, BC take “sexy back” but on different terms than you might expect after watching the previous videos:

And finally, from waaaaay out in left field — Les Velobici in Bristol, England. (New video added to replace busted old link. Like the last one, this is long, weird, and not for everyone!):

A late addition (thanks to April for pointing the way to this in the comments) — Japanese fixed gear bicycle dance team Gacharinco does a country line dance style routine:

I’ll be writing about all of these in-depth for the zine. For a background on bike dance, check out this history.