Lines on the Map

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Update: Lines on the Map exists; you can get a copy here.

The next (and sixth!) zine in the Taking the Lane series is in the works. I’ll keep this post short and sweet and leave you with this link to the Kickstarter project where guest editor Katelyn has described it well. I’m thrilled about the art that’s in the making, as well as the writing and writers we are working with. More about all of it soon!

Just a note on the title … this one was difficult to decide. We started out with “Emotional Landscapes” (I feared it would be off-putting, and wanted to add “and Zombies”; Katelyn pointed out that it’s from a Bjork song), played with a long list of words, artfully scribbled in K’s notebook … navigation, topography, hills, drafting, redrafting, contours, freedom. I rallied briefly around “Psychogeography,” which we decided was too obtuse, but I’ve been thinking ever since about the bike ride with that theme I participated in two years ago and how it made me see the city differently for days afterwards.

The title “Lines on the Map” suits all our theoretical and practical purposes. It’s simple enough that you can interpret it however suits you as you read, which is exactly the point.

Enjoy! And thank you to everyone who’s supported this so far. Also, I’ve fixed my shop on this site (it was giving some people errors — sorry about that), so you can also subscribe here if you’d rather not embark on the kickstarter-amazon process.