Delicious food on two wheels: The Culinary Cyclist

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It’s a delicious pleasure to announce the upcoming release of The Culinary Cyclist, a hedonistic cookbook and guide to good living concocted by Anna Brones, a Swedish Portlander currently living in Paris.

True to form, we’re funding it on Kickstarter. You can preorder a copy or two of the book and also pick up some sweet pieces of art. (On a side note, I woke up the morning after launching this project and found it was nearly halfway funded! Apparently the world is ready for this one.)

A little more about the cookbook: The recipes are not strictly of any genre, but they tend to default to gluten free, vegan, and gourmet. And this may be the first cookbook out there that assumes its readers use a bicycle to do everything from grocery shop to picnic to bring their signature chocolate cake to a dinner party.

The book is 96 pages, with a spine, and lovingly illustrated by Johanna Kindvall — it will prove to be a gorgeous staple for any kitchen where bikes and good food are priorities.