Call for submissions: Bicycling and religion

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Photo via Flickr user Olgierd (Creative Commons)

Update: We are moving a bit slower than planned, so there is a one week grace period on the deadline. You’ve got ’til August 8th to get submissions (writing and art) in for this issue.

It’s time for Taking the Lane #12! The topic this quarter is Religion and Bicycling. Kirsten Collins, Taking the Lane intern extraordinaire (and Religion major at Reed College) is the guest editor for this issue. Here’s her call for submissions:

Taking the Lane #12 is taking on the topic of religion and bicycles. Biking, for a lot of us, defines so much of our lives that it really can seem like a religion. So what does religion on a bike mean to you? Is it the experience of biking itself, or an experience you’ve had on a bike, or maybe you bike to the weekly religious meeting of your choice? Maybe your idea of the connection between religion and bikes is something else entirely—so write about it in 1000 words or less, and submit it to kirsten at takingthelane dot com by August 1st, 2013. All submissions should be non-fiction, feminist, and incorporate bicycles in some way. Illustrations are also sought.

We’re excited to read your perspectives and looking forward to getting a good diversity of views. Also, if you need clarity about what “feminist” or “about bicycling” mean, here’s a post that explains it. Feel free to email with any questions or to bounce ideas off us.

Oh, and don’t worry — Taking the Lane #11 (Four paws, Two Wheels!) is in the works [Update: It’s being funded on Kickstarter] and should be out by the end of July.