New Kickstarter: Dogs and bicycles, together in print

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“Four Paws, Two Wheels” is set to be the eleventh issue of Taking the Lane’s quarterly zine…if it’s fully funded by 10am this coming Thursday.

Help make that happen over at our Kickstarter project!

Here’s a little video Ruby and I made to entice you:

There’s always a wide gap between cover art and what the cover will eventually look like, thanks to various factors. But the project image gives you a preview of Justa‘s incredible line art. Will it actually be neon green and yellow? Maybe… it could also be metallic gold ink on dark blue paper, or something more staid, or… there’s no telling just yet.

Update: Two new rewards are pet & bicycle portraits by Justa!

Below is an up to the minute look at how we’re doing. As of hitting “publish” on this post, the project is 30% funded with six days to go. This is the shortest-running Kickstarter project I’ve done yet and it’s a little nervous-making… but the stats show that any project that reaches 20% of its goal is overwhelmingly likely to make it, though perhaps not without a good dose of elbow grease. And your help!

Please consider chipping in at any of these levels. The goal is of course, to fully fund it, but it’s also to reach as many people as possible, and every $5 puts another sweet candy colored little book out there in the world.

Thanks for being part of this thing!