New book proves it: Cars are in the Way

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Bikenomics is happening. Not just the book, but the movement. I had an op-ed in the Guardian this morning, explaining some of the reasons why cars are in the way—not just in terms of clogging up public roadways, but in the way of ordinary people getting by economically, in the way of being able to breathe freely, and in the way of general economic prosperity.

I also offer a few of many examples of places that are starting to get it right, investing real money into bikeable streets and reaping massive returns, particularly in health care but also in transportation spending.

If you liked this piece and want to read more, Bikenomics the book is for you. Even better, back it on Kickstarter in the next few days and help me go on tour with the books, the ideas, some great food and a movie, and the magical things that happen when people get together in a room and think and talk and get inspired.

Bicycling isn’t just a weird part of Portlandia any more. It’s an international movement, and yes—it might just be one of the ways that we save ourselves.

Note: The Kickstarter project has been fully funded, thanks to many of you! You can now order the book directly.