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Hello, 2013! And a resolution.

Happy new year, everyone! Maybe it’s all the apocalyptic-flavored movie previews and social media talk, but waking up to this new year feels extra significant. I wasn’t exactly holding my breath for the world to end, but today my breathing is a little easier and my shoulders are a little farther from my ears. Still [...]

Unplanned time off

Well, after over 20 years of spending hours a day at a computer keyboard (albeit a more ergonomic one), it’s all finally caught up to me. This week, out of nowhere. Typing, or doing most anything, has become painful and I need to give my arms a rest for a bit. How long? I have [...]

Why I type funny

Before someone uses my computer to look up a bus schedule or check their email, I try to remember to switch it back to normal. But often I don’t catch them until they’ve begun to type and are staring at the gibberish on the screen in baffled frustration. “Your keyboard is broken,” they sometimes say. [...]