Hello, 2013! And a resolution.

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Happy new year, everyone!

Maybe it’s all the apocalyptic-flavored movie previews and social media talk, but waking up to this new year feels extra significant. I wasn’t exactly holding my breath for the world to end, but today my breathing is a little easier and my shoulders are a little farther from my ears. Still being here wasn’t that far-fetched, but I’ll take it gladly anyway.

Maybe that’s why, for the first time that I can remember, this year I felt compelled to make a resolution. Not the wishy washy “exercise more and eat better” kind, but a measurable, manageable one, the kind that actually works. Here goes: I’ll be taking one day off a week in 2013. 52 days off total. It’ll be a weekend day, though maybe not always the same day. If I miss a week — for instance, during tour — then I’ll just have to make up for it afterwards and take two days off in a row.

Sure, it’s nothing spectacular, but those of you who work for yourself likely know how easy it can be to let the work expand to fill up every waking hour, making tasks like doing the dishes and feeding the cat seem like a major intrusion into your productivity, and eventually burning out all your energy and interest in whatever it is you do.

I find that when I take a full day off, not answering email or trying to write or organize anything, I’m far more productive in the following days. That’s the big idea, at any rate. Because big plans are afoot for 2013.

I’m sharing this resolution here mainly to make sure I actually follow through. If you’d like to share yours for similar purposes, feel free! We’ll hold each other to it.

More coming soon — a few blog posts lined up, and some exciting publishing news to share. But one thing at a time (how difficult is that?). And this one thing is a resolve to chill out.


Okay, just one extra thing. Maybe your own resolution involves yoga…. If you order a copy of Pedal, Stretch, Breathe by midnight on Friday, January 4th, I’ll throw in a copy of The Constant Rider, a rad book of stories about riding public transportation. Perfect to read on the bus on those days you don’t feel like busting out your bike in the winter weather. (You’ll also get a copy if you order anything at all and choose Priority Shipping.)