On the freeway, out of the cloud

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vegasTabling in Vegas!

We’re a couple days into tour and I only have time for a quick update, though a few partial essays are waiting in the wings. My plan before we set out was to sit in the back seat and spend all our hours on the road writing. I did that for a morning and got carsick, so I’m enjoying the scenery and learning to speed-write while half-asleep. Every day or two, shoehorned in between the driving and events and sleeping and eating, there’s a chance to use the internet. I seize these moments to upload photos and file three stories a week with my long-suffering editor at Grist who never knows when one will come in (thanks, Ted). There are a handful so far and you can read them right here.

After the jump is a slideshow of some of the photos I’ve taken so far. More coming soon!: